Master Vywamus Shares Thoughts on Light vs Dark

blue_synch-webNow as a Lightworker you arise into the awakened state.  You want to realize that you are completely Light and then you find out that you are not.  Some of you may have had darker timelines than others.  In realization, I am going to give you a little synopsis of what that truly means.

The more darker timelines that you have had, the more deeper your Warriorship is.  It doesn’t mean that you are a bad soul.  It just means that you truly had a Power beyond balance.  This is true of everyone that steps into the darkness.

The other element is in previous timelines you were angry.  You probably had a lot of lower energies and you stepped into that world of defiance.  You stepped into that world of wanting to get back.  All you have to do is look at some of the movies that are out there and TV shows about the dark and Light fighting each other.  A lot of times, that dark wins.

Why is that?  Why is that?

Because that is the way it has been for many eons of time upon the planet of Earth and in the Solar systems, in the many Universes.  Instead of acknowledging the God Force, there has been too much dogma brought in and sitting and adhering one’s energies to a God, a God being a religious figure.  But that is the only way that prayer and acceptance of God’s Light could be put into the people upon this Earth.  It was a necessary process through the element of evil upon this planet.

So now each of you has turned from that into your Pure Heart Essence That You Are part of God.  That you are God’s Light and that you can create that God’s Light and have the powerful moment of your gift to come forward within you.  When you accept that process of going from the dark to the Light and seeing that the darkness actually served you at times; it can serve you now because of knowledges and because of understandings.

You are the Light and now it can be fully illuminated in all that you Are.

This transcript was excerpted from Lord Melchizedek Primer Ascension Series which is available to purchase.

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