Stepping into Divine Oneness with Master Thoth and Lord Saint Germain




“The Law of Divine Oneness helps us to understand that we live in a world where everything is connected to everything else. Everything we do, say, think, and believe affects others and the universe around us.” 

◊  Understand Spiritual Oneness versus Physical Oneness. 

◊  Gain Insight Into Why Your Human Mental Mind Has Failed To Create The True Vibration Of Oneness On Earth. 

◊  Discover How To Identify and Rectify The Traits You Have That Do Not Represent Oneness.  

◊  Learn How To Generate and Incorporate the Vibrational Frequency Necessary to Actualize Oneness within You. 

The Pathway of Mastery and Ascension is more than having the intellectual understanding of the Universal Laws, it is attaining the practice of putting those laws into a way of being in your life.

2016 ushers into Earth an even Higher Octave Frequency that will push Humanity into accepting that the Universal Laws must now be implemented within each soul’s existence. [For more details read the Frequency Updates here].

The challenge for Humanity is learning to do something it has not been able to do for eons of time. While almost everyone knows there are Universal Laws, very few successfully are able to consciously adapt their thoughts and feelings to uphold the energies that are compatible with those laws.

This is because few have been taught from a young age on how these Laws function within one’s daily life. Instead, it has been “dys-function” (or that lack of stability) of the Self that has been the rule. 70% to 90% of human thoughts and feelings are simply habitual practices handed down from our ancestors, our cultural norms, or our grandparents or parents.

As humans learning to re-embrace our True Divine Essence of the Self, awakened souls on earth are now embarking upon a conscious process to discard what no longer serves, and accept what restores the unity of Wholeness and Oneness.

In this 3 part course series:

We receive a personal Guided Meditation to assist us in multidimensionally shifting our energy body structure to allow the vibrational frequency of Divine Oneness to become more grounded within our physical body.

◊  We work with the Unified Whole of Oneness through Master Thoth (who embodied on earth as Hermes Trismegistus) to unblock the frequency of Divine Oneness from reaching the Physical Self.

◊  We etherically travel to the 5th Dimensional Frequency of Telos to gain higher assistance in removing elements to experience fully what Divine Oneness feels like.    

Divine Oneness is the creation of all that matters and has ever mattered upon this planet, but yet, it has not been able to have been actualized on a personal level. As my role as “Hermes” in the Egyptian timelines, these laws were brought forth to only those that could truly understand. The society of this earth could not fathom such thoughts as there was a deep need to be involved only in the “self” which causes much lower forms of thought to be commonplace within our world.

“The lips of Wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding.”

The time is now for this understanding to occur as souls are awakening to the Divine presence within themselves. This is not occurring on a physical reality but in truth the reality of Oneness. Individuals are awakening within these concepts. It is time, my dearest ones, to fully listen to the wisdom of the ages and bring it into fully reality upon the earth. I look forward to our walk together in Divine Oneness.

In the first of three classes, Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden facilitates a guided meditation “Learning to Create Divine Oneness of the Self – TRUST THE PROCESS, BELIEVE IT IS SO, AND THEN SEE IT BECOME A REALITY”. 

In the second class, Master Thoth gives us a dissertation of what the Law of Divine Oneness represents within our mastery pathway, but most importantly how we can achieve this Oneness within the Self – through our Spiritual Self into the Physical Self. 

We close the series with Lord Saint Germain and the 5th Dimensional elements of Telos and the Lemurian Retreat House, a place where the Inner Earth Beings gather to give and receive their own communal wisdom and understandings. They join together to assist us in the personal experience of learning to use Divine Oneness to remove our dys-functional attributes (or aspects/characteristics) of the self. Lord Saint Germain will discuss these aspects and how they can manifest themselves into our lives which causes each of us, as an individual, to truly NOT know WHO WE ARE. As Mahachohan of the Seven Rays of God, he also calls upon some of the Ray Chohans of the Seven Ray of God to assist in transmuting the energies through attunements.

The planet is expanding into greater cycles of reality … in the sense that the old paradigm of elements upon this Earth will no longer be able to exist. Great changes will result from these elements, but there is a grand design that is at work. It comes from the Divine Essence of Light that each of you come from. It represents the accessibility of more light infractions to be placed within Gaia’s Core; but it also brings forth many challenges of instability to order for the grand cycle of time and space to be realized.

This means it is a time to fully “roll up your sleeves” so to speak and dig down deeper into which you are as a human, as an angel, as a Light Being. It is a time to fully realize the potentiality of what mastery will mean for you and that the old way of doing things can no longer work for you. There will be realizations to allow more of whom you truly are as a Divine Being to be realized and less of what you have been as a human mold the vision that you hold within yourself.

… it is giving you the grand opportunity to be more and accept more of the Divine Essence that you are. Your soul is engaging within you in a completely and different way than it ever has done before. Realizations will come to the forefront of your reality to allow the expansion to be part of your present reality.

The Universal Laws will become more important to the world. This possibly may not be in a concrete way, but you will see those elements becoming more apparent within the enfoldment of a society that seems to be crumbling but yet is arising into a new sense of Divine Creation. Each soul within the Earth will need to learn from their mistakes and right themselves in this newly grounded process of light. Those that cannot will cease to be upon Gaia’s essence as that will be their choosing from their soul’s perspective.

◊ Class No. 1 ~ Rev. Meleriesee – A Journey Meditation of Self Reflection:
Work within the Laws of Divine Oneness so that you can fully accept and allow the Process of Divine Oneness to be part of Who You Are. Rev. Meleriessee seamlessly guides you through the steps of having STRENGTH, to gain CONFIDENCE, which allows for DISCIPLINE to be acquired. This then takes the journey into SELF ACCEPTANCE – BELIEVING IT TO BE A REALITY. This is a journey of the Rays of God with high vibrational attunements to fully actualize these elements in your life. We etherically travel to the Sacred Heart Temple of Oneness within the 144th Dimension of reality to fully experience Divine Oneness within our consciousness and full body system.
DURATION (approx. 45 minutes.)

◊ Class No. 2 ~ Master Thoth– The Law of Divine Oneness:
Oneness can only occur within the physical mind when it is ready to hear what the Universe is whispering in its ears. Master Thoth talks about how to achieve Oneness within our own consciousness and what that may mean for our experience within the physical body. There is an attunement from Master Thoth to bring forth the energetics of allowing the Divine Law of Oneness to be more prevalent within the Mental Body so that the Higher Mind will be able to access the dynamics of this law and teaching.
DURATION (approx. 1 hour.)

PREPARATION: Please make a description beforehand of these superior and inferior traits that you desire to gain assistance with transforming.
◊ Class No. 3 ~ Lord Saint Germain & Ray Chohans of the Seven Ray of God – Defining Oneness Through Awareness:
In order to achieve Oneness, we first have to look at the areas in our consciousness that does not reflect Oneness within the Physical Self. We have chosen to concentrate on the areas of Strength, Confidence, Discipline in order to Achieve Acceptance. This is a step-by-step process and cannot be achieved in one moment. Lord Saint Germain gives our first Discourse on the Universal Laws by applying these principles. He covers the aspects that do not define Oneness. Some of these aspects would be represented through Superior Characteristics which means that the physical ego is taking over in making decisions in an individuals life: Self Criticism, Impatience, Being a Victim, and/or Having Judgmental Thoughts Towards Yourself or Others. A person can also have aspects that are Inferior Characteristics which represent where the physical ego is in a weakened state: Insecurity, Low Self Esteem, Lack of Confidence, Fear Elements, and/or Indecisiveness. A person can have several of these traits on either end of the spectrum. The important element is to bring all things into balance so that you are not standing on either side. We etherically travel in group meditation to the City of Telos into the Lemurian Retreat House to create the balanced energies. It is a very empowering tool to create the change necessary to step into Oneness of the Self.
DURATION (approx. 2 hours.)


“I loved how I could feel myself transforming with the high frequencies being bought in. The guided meditation was excellent…I feel much more empowered now (been challenged with some issues for a long time) and this class helped me see them changing. I feel stronger now…I recommend this class…This was super cool!”

“After the class was over felt very happy…very emotional. I was now free to be my authentic self…live my life coming from the sacred heart and the Christ Consciousness. Just joyful tears of being free… I love the invocation the way you start the class… it just rings so true in my heart. It makes me feel like I am home. I have already recommended this class to others…”

“Excellent… Having the opportunity for a healing of this type not usually available through other formats was very liberating and welcomed.”

“When I saw the posting for the class I knew that this was going to help me…today I feel renewed…[the] clearing of contracts and walking through the doorway for me and finding the balance I needed… Excellent.”

“Experiencing Master Yeshua’s energy was a blessing [that] deeply touches my heart, but going to the hall of record, I felt like I have been there, but this time was so vivid and it was so transforming for me…In such a short amount of time, I was able to enlighten/ lighten the load on my masculine side (right side of physical body), removing the lower aspects I’ve been working for years…, and connecting to my divine mind and masculine self. It was truly magical!”


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