Ascension Training Class Seminar Series: Mastering the Spiritual Recovery of the Soul

Applying The 12 Steps to Self-Parenting within Ascension Mastery and the 12 Metatronic Seals: Teaching Series

NEXT CLASS SATURDAY DECEMBER 16 – “Spiritual Gold: Awakening to the Spirit of Giving, Love and Community” – taught by Lady Quan Yin, and Lord Kuthumi of the Office of the Christ, with Lord Metatron and introductions by Lord Saint Germain.

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Ascension Class Seminar in Ascension Mastery for the Soul by Walking Terra Christa

An In Depth Ascension Mastery Seminar Course Series by Walking Terra Christa with Lord Saint Germain, Lord Metatron and the Ascended Masters given in 10 classes.


Spirituality, especially in it’s more approachable forms like we see in the formal religious settings, has over centuries of time taken on a mythological aura that confuses accessibility with effectiveness.

There is a widespread acceptance that since every living soul has a Divine Right to follow their own religious ideals, every soul is therefore automatically granted equal access to attaining the truths within those teachings.

While this belief is initially correct, it is not accurate for an individual to then also make the assumption that they will easily and naturally accomplish the actual attainment of those truths.

One of the great misconceptions when pursuing metaphysical based spirituality is believing that becoming successful at being “spiritual” is only a question of connecting to one’s own God-Self Essence of Oneness.

This is not a discussion of religion, as that aspect of society is actually not strictly a spiritual teaching but also includes many other components. The purpose of this writing is to bring deeper understanding regarding how an individual can better learn Ascension Mastery Teachings.

It is more accurate to state that there are no more appropriate slogans to apply to the spiritual metaphysical tenets of Ascension Mastery than “It Begins and Ends With You” and “You Only Get Out What You Put In” for it is only through the initiate’s own efforts that any progress is made.

However,  putting forth those “efforts” are a paradox within doing such studies as it is also a universal truth that “One Cannot Solve Problems From The Same Perspective That Created Them“.

Yes, it is a given that one must must put forth effort constantly and consistently to make progress, at first as a reminder to the self and then as a matter of attitude, in order to maintain their physical consciousness to be(come) in alignment with their Higher Self consciousness. That is, that they begin to learn to be able to blend the three minds of the subconscious (shadow/ego self mind), conscious (waking/ego mind, and that of the super conscious of the Higher Self Mind such that the former personality of that “lower self‘ is resurrected into the new personality that is blended with the Higher Self.

But until and unless a person is able to stop being the old self, nothing of spiritual substance can ever really occur for them. 

Such a concept makes for wonderful metaphysical talk but to be fully placed into practice within a living life upon this earth requires a very new perspective of understanding what it means to be a “self”. That is, one must honestly and in full authenticity learn to see the truth of the ‘dysfunctional self” and how the dynamics of “being that person” is the major reason why an individual can’t gain a new perspective.

It is a learning that cannot occur from the perspective of the “self” as it currently is because that very perspective precludes or blocks what a different perspective would entail.

So one has to surrender to allowing in the implications of ideas and concepts that they normally would reject out of hand.  

The expression “Let Go and Let God“, taken from the slogan aid used in addiction recovery becomes very appropriate. For the very wording implies the real act of allowing another perspective, the perspective of a Higher Source that is not locked into our own way of fixed perception of our world, our life, and who we are in it.

For in truth, from the view of that Higher Perspective of being in the Higher resonance of the Spiritual Self, 99.99% of humans on earth still have a ways to go in order to create a Higher Dimensional reality upon Earth. The earthly existence most of us know is that of being in a non-spiritual state most of the time.

Plainly stated from the Soul’s Perspective, humanity must first go through the many steps of “Spiritual Recovery” in order to arrive at the gateway of a Higher Dimensional level.

The vast majority of humanity have learned to become spiritual from a religious or cultural heritage perspective, not from an Ascension Mastery perspective of the Soul’s Psychology. We have learned to be the human self being spiritual instead of the spiritual self being human. It is a very different way of being and not something that comes natural to humanity.

It is the “Ascension” perspective that brings higher dimensional awareness of our inherent Higher Self-ness, which eventually (with proper training) brings in the actual frequency shift required to move up in dimensional awareness, (first individually and then collectively).

We must learn step by step to actually raise our vibrational essence of Who We Are to first be that of our Angelic Heritage.

That is what this 10-part Seminar Course brings forward. It takes the physical self understanding of what the human “state of dysfunction” actually is, and blends it with the Angelic Self understanding to create the Higher Self understanding.

The Ascended Masters and Spiritual Hierarchy, together with us, have created this new course of study to assist each participant obtain the correct focus required to gain a Higher Perspective so that their life can begin to incorporate the benefits of Higher Wisdom.

It is a progressive and totally new human requirement to understand the Soul’s Recovery as a Spiritual Being. This 10 part class seminar series walks you through the process.

RECOVERING YOUR ANGELIC ESSENCE: The role of Lord Metatron and the 12 Metatronic Seals

Most all souls on earth, regardless of whom they think they are within their spiritual self, do not normally take on the True steps of Awareness without the assistance of the Higher Energetic Wisdom from the Beings that are already within that perspective. Those Beings are the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Ascended Ones.

It takes many levels of awareness to get to a new and higher perspective. The Office of the Essence of the Golden Solar Angel, of which Archangel Lord Metatron is the head Spiritual Figure, is specifically in charge of restoring the Angelic Wisdom to Humanity through the levels found within the 12 Keys that are the 12 Metatronic Seals.

The process of living a life through trial and error of experience can result in wisdom, but learning from the direct perspective of those who are already wise is much more efficient. This is why Lord Metatron is taking part in bringing these teachings forward. Each of the 12 Metatronic Seals are actually specific guideposts for human understanding (perspective) to move into new levels of awareness.

What we are speaking about is a direct energetic vibration and clear verbal communication from Archangel Lord Metatron. 

Our teaching process combines four distinct elements that are required to activate within you the necessary energies that set forth the conditions to create a change in your full-consciousness (your entire spectrum of light as a soul). This process is very unique.

First, as the human mental mind is actually conditioned by thousands of years of unenlightenment, and by now has an almost addictive need to rationally understand anything it is experiencing, our courses intentionally do not structure the entire content of our classes to provide mental understanding. To most of us this at first seems very unreasonable and illogical. (Why wouldn’t I seek to know and understand the concepts I am learning, isn’t that what training is all about?) The truth about this human need to be linear and dogmatic is that it is this exact pattern of thought that keeps us from learning higher frequency energies. Our mental mind must be set aside to some degree in order to allow or permit the experience of receiving real higher energies to occur within us. Instead, we offer a way of instruction that “speaks” to the full body system of the mental body, emotional body, physical body, and most importantly, the etheric body (where we hold all our past lives very real energetic debris).

PURE AUTHENTIC ASCENSION TEACHINGS ARE IN THE HIGHEST OCTAVES OF LIGHT. Second, our instruction is given from the direct point of view of individuals who have already actually raised their vibration. Because the founders of Walking Terra Christa are able to hold more crystalline light frequencies within their own physical DNA due to their own training, they are in a position to purely connect directly and without interference with the actual conscious Beings of the Ascended Master, Angelic and Spiritual Hierarchies of Light which includes the Christed Inner/Hollow Earth and Christed Extraterrestrials. This alone is very unique as many current (and past) metaphysical related channels upon earth are heavily infiltrated with the influences of the lower dimensional (3rd and 4th) frequencies which are much more dark than light. To be more clear about this subject, there are many non-earth dimensional life forms (above the 4th dimension) that are non-Christed and have a strong and established interest in holding humanity within the lower ego consciousness. Currently, there is an almost endless supply of websites, books, videos, movies and especially channelled material that appear as if it is in (and of) the light but which actually holds within it a great deal of false programming and information. The ability to discern the “good from the bad” is not a natural ability for the vast majority of the human population (despite what many sources will instruct) but is a skill that can only be gained through the process of genuinely raising your vibration.

Third, using the Higher Dimensional Vibratory Communication of the Divine Light Language Encodementssm, participants of our ascension training online audio classes are able to actively receive higher octave christed light frequencies. In truth, as most human bodies are not used to accepting this level of light, many individuals go into altered states of consciousness as if in a dream state, or may actually fall asleep during our classes. This is not ideal but it is a common reaction, and quite frankly, one that is to be expected since very few awakened individuals on earth have gone through the correct process of learning how to raise their frequency enough to make an actual bodily change such that they can handle pure and true higher vibrational frequencies of light. Unfortunately such ability cannot be gained quickly or easily, even though many awakened humans are drawn in by the above mentioned sources that imply or actually state that one can raise their consciousness, vibration or energy level. This is why a direct experience of receiving genuine Divine Light Language that is of the Highest Purity is so important.

PURE AUTHENTIC ASCENSION TEACHINGS ARE IN THE UNIFIED WHOLE OF ONENESSForth, we are the originating, and presently the only, spiritually authorized Ascension Mastery Teaching source of Light within the Unified Whole of Oneness. This is especially important for Humanity and is the reason why the frequencies of Light we transmit are of such power for those that consistently use our material. 

The 12 Steps of the Metatronic Seals identify the process in the form of these characteristics:

1. Integration
2. Grounding
3. Feminine Essence
4. Masculine Essence
5. Integration of Feminine & Masculine Divine
6. Awareness of Wisdom through the Ages
7. Acceleration of Wisdom
8. Application of Wisdom/Gifts
9. Remembrance of Angelic Presence
10. Special Gifts and Knowledges of the Past
11. Accessing all Parts – Formlessness, angelic, intergalactic, interplanetary, human and work on the Inner Plane in between lifetimes
12. Induction into Service with Lord Metatron of the Illumination of the Golden Flame

RAISING YOUR HUMAN SELF: 12 Steps of Healing

The steps or levels of awareness are also found within the 12 Steps of Recovery as within them one must go through a process of healing the dysfunctional human self’s patterns and habitual feelings and thoughts that are the cornerstones of a lack of progress as a human and as a soul.

In truth, from the Higher Perspective of a World of Oneness or Wholeness, Peace and Harmony, the entirety of humanity is dysfunctional. We term this as the difference between being in a 3rd or 4th level of dimension and that of being in a 5th level of dimension. In the 5th dimension, humanity is in “recovery” from acting upon those dysfunctions, that is, they use their Higher Consciousness to maintain a Higher Dimensional Frequency despite their dysfunctional physical self and what “it” may have an impulse to do, think or feel.

As a human one must step into Spiritual Recovery of the Soul in order to attain a 5th dimensional level of “consciousness within the physical self”.

This is a major distinction as many souls on earth can indeed spiritually attain, through specific practices or meditations, a much higher dimensional connection than even the 5th dimensional level. However the implications from our current earthly life conditions worldwide are that bringing those Higher Beingness characteristics of Love, Joy, Compassion, Oneness from the altered state of consciousness over into the living world, is still an Aspiration rather than a Condition.

A Higher State of Being may indeed happen in moments of awareness but it is not our normal every day human state of being. This is simply due to the fact of our being so driven by unconscious or subconscious desires, thoughts or feelings, “rules” if you will, of how we are supposed to be. We pick these “rules” up and incorporate them into who we are as children or young adults, even as adults. they become the ways we interact, the ways we think and feel about ourselves and therefore about others. they became the “roles” we take on like “parent”, “sibling”, “son” or ‘daughter”. the strongly influence all our roles and labels in society and life.

In other words, who we think we are is deeply ingrained within us by the “rules’ and “beliefs” that we took on from all those we interacted with in our lifetime while we were in our “formative” years.

Since human existence (education, societal norms, life expectations) does not by default naturally create a true Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Oneness with all life on earth there is a clear indication that the “rules” we go by and place into action are flawed or dysfunctional from a Spiritual Perspective. And this is actually the case.

All humans must learn to Master the 12 Steps of Recovery of the Soul. That is, learn to become the Higher Self of our Divine Self that is not programmed or directed by or from its lower soul aspect (lowercase “s”) but by the Higher Soul aspect.

Our training program blends these two forms (the 12 Metatronic Seals and the 12 Steps) into the “12 Essential Spiritual Learnings” one must acquire to become more healthily balanced in the four-body system and begin to create Oneness from the Spiritual into the Physical form upon earth.

These are the essential “personal” trainings that coincide with our prior training on the 12 Universal Laws. Just having he understanding from each perspective is not enough. We use the spiritual meanings (and energetic transferences) held in the 12 Metatronic Seals to blend with the 12 Steps of Self-Parenting that any adult human must acquire to live a fully balanced and healthy life mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically as pursuing traditional “spiritual” based training does not always address our physical life dysfunctions.

THE SEMINAR SERIES: Mastering the Recovery of the Soul  – Applying The 12 Steps of Self-Parenting within Ascension Mastery

From the perspective of Ascension Mastery, we are not just a human living this one lifetime, but a soul who has lived many lifetimes in many multidimensional existences. Not only must we recover what is most healthy and balanced from this planetary life, we must learn (or relearn as earth is a “soul school”) once more to also become our Divine Self. The Divine Self is the originating Being of Light that includes our Angelic Presence through to our I AM PRESENCE. Incorporating that Higher Essence is the only way to co-create “Oneness” on Earth as we don’t know how to do it from within our physical self.

The “proof is in the pudding” as they say, because if we did know how to create Oneness on Earth, humanity would already have done it. This is proof that our collective “human ego” feels that we do not really need to learn anything new, and is exactly why we do – especially if we want to co-create “a New Earth of global harmony”.

Here are the 12 levels we cover (The 12 Seals and 12 Steps combined):

Step 1 – Admitted our powerlessness to change our past – that our lives had become unmanageable and became willing to surrender to our love and not to our fear. – INTEGRATION – INITIATION – LEAVING THE HALL OF IGNORANCE ENTERING THE HALL OF KNOWLEDGE.
Read Lord Metatron’s Message
Read the Message from Lord Saint Germain and Lady Nada

Step 2 – Find hope in the belief that recovery is possible through faith and an acceptance of the fact that we are never really alone. – GROUNDING.
Read Lord Saint Germain’s Message with the Ascended Masters

Step 3 – Learned to let go of compulsive self-reliance by reaching out to our Higher Parent [Our Higher Self]. – FEMININE ESSENCE
Read the Message from Lord Saint Germain and Master El Morya

Step 4 – Made an honest assessment of our strengths and weaknesses, and accepted the impact our childhood had upon us as adults. – MASCULINE ESSENCE
Read Lord Saint Germain’s and Master Hilarion’s Message

Step 5 – Learned to share our self-parenting issues with others without self-recrimination or shame. – INTEGRATION OF FEMININE & MASCULINE DIVINE
Read the Message from Lord Saint Germain, Master Paul the Venetian and El Moyra

Step 6 – Become ready to change by giving up the demand to be perfect. – AWARENESS OF WISDOM THROUGH THE AGES
(Step 6 class is combined with Step 7)
Step 7 – Learned to embrace our uniqueness and connectedness to others in a spirit of love and humility. – ACCELERATION OF WISDOM
Read the Message from Lord Saint Germain and Lady Portia 

Step 8 – Learned self-forgiveness and made amends to our inner child. – APPLICATION OF WISDOM/GIFTS
Read the Message from Lord Saint Germain, Lady Nada & Lord Sananda

Step 9 – Healed our inner child by realizing the promises of self-parenting in our daily life. – REMEMBRANCE OF ANGELIC PRESENCE
Read the Message from Lord Saint Germain, Lord Voltar & Lady Master Valencia of Andromeda.

Step 10 – Practiced daily self-acceptance and learned to live in the present. – SPECIAL GIFTS AND KNOWLEDGES OF THE PAST
(For the teaching, the Step 10 class is combined with Step 11)
Step 11 – Allowed the divinity in us to shine forth by surrendering to our Higher Power. [Collectively the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Ascended Realm within the Unified Whole of Oneness within our Monad and I AM PRESENCE]. – ACCESSING ALL PARTS – FORMLESSNESS, ANGELIC, INTERGALACTIC, INTERPLANETARY, HUMAN AND WORK ON THE INNER PLANE IN BETWEEN LIFETIMES

Step 12 – Having had this spiritual awakening, we reached out to others in the spirit of giving, love and community. – INDUCTION INTO SERVICE WITH LORD METATRON OF THE ILLUMINATION OF THE GOLDEN FLAME


We will break down each of the 12 levels during a 10-Class Seminar Course Series. Each class is the channeled integrated transmission teaching from each of the Spiritual Masters combined within meditative energetic journeys. Each class is a teaching from Lord Saint Germain along with Archangel Lord Metatron and one of the Ascended Masters to bring in the Higher Perspective. Every class also assist the subtle energy bodies to become activated with Higher Frequencies through the Divine Light language Encodings being given.

Each class will occur approximately at monthly intervals and include an extensive handout pdf (Student Study Guide). Each participant must provide a short testimonial of feedback after each class experience sharing a few of the positive outcomes they gained from that class. (We will provide a link to our Facebook Group for those participants who are on Facebook.)

SEMINAR DATES – All LIVE classes are on Saturday at 12:30 PM Pacific time (DIGITAL AUDIO FOR THOSE WHO CAN’t ATTEND LIVE) .
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Each class is approximately 120 minutes in duration.


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