The development of a “full consciousness” means
stepping out of mass consciousness and seeing life and every situation through the lens of God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Mighty
I AM Presence and the inner plane Ascended Masters!
– Dr. Joshua David Stone

Student Membership provides these ASCENSION MASTERY STUDY benefits:

◊ A focused relationship with the Academy Board of Directors of ASCENDED MASTERS AND SPIRITUAL TEACHERS that is not available to non-students. Your commitment to take on these studies establishes their commitment to support you at a much deeper level than available to the public. They will work with you daily in your sleep and meditative states to assist you to gain the deeper wisdom and higher level frequencies given within each teaching.
◊ Access to the Monthly Student Study Guide. A 10 to 12 page instructional workbook with our expertise and channeled through LORD ADAMA and LORD SAINT GERMAIN (with other Ascended Masters or Teachers) that is sent to Students via email, and specifically designed to assist you to better use and understand the transformations in the specific teachings you are experiencing each month. Study Guides are emailed out approximately 9 to 10 times per year.
8 to 10 hours of DIGITAL AUDIO TEACHINGS monthly during semesters*. We provide 3 teachings per week on average for 3 weeks out of each month (with exceptions as stated below). There is also a week set aside for student study and reflection. These teachings consist of both the core Student Audio Recorded class content of the CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS and the NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS, and also the the ABUNDANCE OF LIGHT, LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE and the FESTIVALS OF LIGHT which can be attended via conferencing. (We encourage live real-time conference attendance at any events you can participate in.)
◊ Access to our Private Student Facebook group.  To share and receive personal feedback with the other private Academy students.
◊ Private Invitation to attend the core Student Teaching classes and Retreats. Advanced Students who choose the “Initiate” or “Ordination” Tracks who attain the Fifth Initiation level are eligible to receive a private invitation to attend specific teaching events live and in person.
◊ Private Student-Only Discounts. 15% to 20% off the PUBLIC MASTERY CLASS SEMINARS, WORKSHOPS, RETREATS, STUDENT INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS and discounts on our other products and services.


Monthly Enrollment The most common form of Academy Membership is to pre-pay via monthly subscription to receive the DIGITAL AUDIO RECORDINGS via email for each REGULAR WEEKLY* class teaching. Enrolled Students get a significant discount on each class plus ALL the stated Teachings and Eligibility Perks. This provides a discount off the exchange of the individual class fee ($22) for each teaching of the CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS (held weekly on Monday) and the NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS (held weekly on Wednesday). Students also receive the CLASS TEACHING AUDIO RECORDINGS from LORD ASHTAR, the ABUNDANCE OF LIGHT PROSPERITY CIRCLE, or the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS CEREMONIES. These teachings are emailed weekly during semesters months.

*Except during times of academic study, semester break, special event workshops and retreats. The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS CEREMONY & PLANETARY or CELESTIAL EVENT CEREMONIES, WORKSHOPS or RETREATS may  preempt other scheduled classes as they are date specific, i.e. Full Moon, Solstice, Equinox). Exempt from the Student Membership are Public Mastery Class Seminar Series, Special Events, Workshops, Sessions and Retreats which all require separate enrollment or exchange. All exempt items are discounted for Enrolled Students.

All Students enroll under a 90 day Evaluation period where they receive the INITIAL STUDENT COURSES. They are expected to complete study of these courses no later than the 90 day period. New Students are required to fill out the Student Application form within a week of enrollment (this will be emailed to you). 

Please pick your Financial Means Level. We use a sliding scale to better fit your financial situation please click here to see examples of what is best for you. Enrollment is an agreement to the Terms** stated below:
Select Your TRACK. Track options are as follows:
1. REGULAR STUDENT. The default track. Receives all the core student and free open public teachings each month via email. Is not required to submit the STUDENT STUDY GUIDE but uses it as a SELF STUDY tool.
2. INITIATE STUDENT: A self designated statement of intent. Includes the Regular Student studies. This is for the most serious students who are stating they will be at the utmost level of personal diligence with regard to these ASCENSION MASTERY studies. The INITIATE commits to following and submitting the STUDENT STUDY GUIDE report each month to Rev. Meleriessee and Rev. Ara for them to assess the individual progress of the INITIATE. May receive special offers for extended discounts on Specialized Student Personal Sessions.
3. ORDINATION STUDENT: An INITIATE STUDENT who also desires to work toward becoming recognized as a PRIEST in SERVICE to the MELCHIZEDEK ORDER once attaining the 7th Initiation.

Annual Enrollment – If you are in a financial position to do so and desire to make a firm commitment, please use this option.

Protect your commitment to remain a student for a full year and receive a BONUS DISCOUNT of one free month by making a single year payment:

Please Select Your Exchange Level:


**TERMS OF ENROLLMENT: While we bring in the highest Spiritual based Metaphysical Ascended Master Teachings, we still are sharing with you the more mundane terms of enrollment to assist in the clarification of earthly transactional issues. Please be aware that you are individually enrolling with Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery teachings under a recurring payment system via PayPal (you can use credit, debit or bank accounts with PayPal for free) where you will be billed on the anniversary of your enrollment date as a monthly or annual subscription. Enrollment is for individual use only and the teachings provided are not to be shared (unless stated specifically in the enrollment description of the teaching).

PayPal is 100% compliant with all online safe and secure transaction protocols for your personal and credit card information. Personal Information is never shared by PayPal or us. In fact, we have no access to the actual payment method used per the 2016 national online purchasing security protocols that prevent the storing of data.

If payment is not received at the time of renewal due to insufficient funds in your account we will contact you as a reminder. (You know this already as an Ascension Mastery Student being a person of the highest degree of Moral and Spiritual Responsibility) but each person is responsible for any and all past due unpaid subscription or services rendered balance(s). Other than your subscription, as a self enrolled system of study there is no implied or actual contract with or between you and us (Walking Terra Christa).

This site and all content is for educational purposes only (read our full terms here). You may cancel your subscription as a student member at any time. Walking Terra Christa also reserves the right to cancel your subscription and terminate a student membership at any time for any reason. No refunds are given upon cancellation with respect to partial, full or prorated refunds. This applies to any services or teachings you are enrolled in or have already made prepayment. Upon cancellation (by you or us) you will have access to the remaining balance of the days of your prepayment, (i.e., assuming a 30 day month time frame, if you have a monthly subscription and cancel after 25 days, you still are a Student Member for the remaining balance of 5 days). We also reserve the right to expel students. This is very rare but can apply in situations where students act contrary to the standards of common decency, decorum, and politeness expected of Ascension Mastery students. If any such activity occurs by a student toward members of the public, instructors, or student body, we may instead elect to place the student on probationary status instead of being expelled. Granting probationary status is 100% at our discretions and no appeals process is offered.  Expelled students will have their subscriptions immediately cancelled and forfeit the balance of any remaining subscription terms or days, and to any/all current or future classes, events, or services for which they have already made payment.

If you wish to use other forms of payment please contact us via email.

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