Accelerating the Path


We recently held two F.R.E.E Open Tele-Ceremonies. We hold these open teachings so that the messages and high frequency vibrational attunements can be accessible to everyone.  Both of these were each very powerful and transformative in assisting humans to access the blending of the three-minds (subconscious, conscious and super-conscious) and the Three-Fold Flame of the blending of the masculine and feminine divine into the oneness of the I AM self.  This blending along with a special attunement to release 3D programming will greatly advance your mastership path.

First off last week was the SUMMER SOLSTICE CEREMONY OPEN GROUP TELE-GATHERING as we have passed through the Wesak Moon energies in which the veil to higher dimensions have become very thin allowing greater access to the Spiritual Realm. This was a great 90 minute ceremony and attunement.

Next was the completion of the 2013 WESAK triple full moon cycle with the FESTIVAL OF HUMANITY OPEN GROUP TELE-GATHERING.  Lord Maitreya, Lord Sanat Kumara and Saint Germain assisted with our understandings of the opportunities and gateways of the full moon representing the Festival also known as World Invocation Day.  While we offer these Open Calls freely to individuals that have no income; for those that do we gladly accept donations to support these teachings. You may download the MP3 files for your own spiritual advancement but please share only our website with others so they can explore what we offer.  more

Solstice New Earth Spiritual Ceremony – Audio MP3


The Solstice arrives tomorrow, Friday, the 21st. It is going to be a powerful event per the energies we received during the call yesterday. You may download the MP3 to use on your own.

F.r.e.e audio and of course donations by those who have the means to do so are greatly appreciated (not just from us but from the Spiritual Realm in response to the Universal Law of Giving and Receiving).

One Mind – One Heart – The Three Minds of our consciousness now have a rare opportunity to blend into the super-consciousness. This effect is available to all individuals upon the planet and is an activation that is now permanent. This means that our Higher Self can now be more active within the physical existence so lots of transformation for everyone.

Master Thoth gave a very special attunement to remove 3D programming from the subconscious state to assist in the process.

Enjoy your day tomorrow from Sunrise to Sunset as we step into the beginning of more Light and a closer relationship with the Spiritual Hierarchy and Unified Whole.

Blessings and Love,
Mel and Mike

Lord Buddha – Preparation For Wesak 2013


Lord Buddha speaks about the next stage of our initiations and preparing ourselves for the WESAK ENERGY.

 “The most difficult task is to take the physical self that you are used to of the 3rd dimensional reality and allow it to break apart.” – Lord Buddha through Meleriessee

In this video you can hear his full message and receive a special attunement to assist in your own inner preparations with the Spiritual Masters and Team of Light.

NOTE: Lord Buddha mentions listening to the Wesak recording that will have the 2+ hour Journey To Shamballa meditation journey with more channeling from Lord Buddha, Lord Melchizedek, Sanat Kumara and Lord Maitreya. It will be sent out after Wesak occurs and can be ordered on the event page.

This is excerpted from our weekly calls with the CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS as part of the Academy of New Earth Mastery teachings. You can order the entire 1 hour call which also has a blessing and attunement by Divine Mother Father God of the Great Cosmic Central Sun. (Just use the enrollment button but mention you want the Lord Buddha Preparation Call in the notes to seller.)

Alternatively, monthly members receive this MP3 (and almost 100 other audio recordings) as part of their monthly membership.




Last month we experienced powerful light body activations during the Equinox and the Full Moon.  On this week’s CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS tele-teaching meditation attunement, Master Kuthumi the Ray Chohan of Love and Wisdom of the Golden Yellow Ray, assisted us (along with Divine Mother Father God, who are the Over-lighting Hosts of the Clarion Temple) to accept the REGENERATION of our Light Body so that we can more easily embrace the Fifth Dimensional frequencies.  Master Kuthumi prepared us with Pulsations of Light.  Listen to an excerpt:


(*Excerpted from the Clarion Temple of Oneness Tele-Teaching 4-1-13. To hear the full message including the meditation attunement please click here and write a note on your order requesting the “04-01-13 Master Kuthumi Call“.)

If you are interested in traveling to Mount Shasta, (one of the Sacred Holy Spots of the World according to Buddhist), to celebrate the birth/death and initiations of Lord Budda, please read about our WESAK SPIRITUAL INVOCATION CEREMONY.  (We will also have a three-day retreat following the one-day ceremony.)



Clarion Temple of Oneness - Healing for All Universal Light Beings in Body & BeyondBecause the Teachings and Attunments from the Great Cosmic Central Sun of Divine Mother-Father God and the Spiritual Master Spokes Being are so important and transformational each week, we are offering the MP3 audio recordings.

Simply Chose Your Financial Means Level.
We will contact you for the audio file details.

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THE “ANGELIC BOOST” – Archangel Michael

AA Michael is the voice for the Angelic Hosts and he really brings an extraordinary message about the collective mass consciousness consensus after the event of the 12-21.

(This is an excerpt from our weekly tele-call THE CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS. On the weekly calls we get vibrational attunements as well as informational messages. AA Michael refers to that attunement in this excerpt. )


Why Now?

Are You Ready?
Why Now?

Why now? Why is it important to learn how to “Walk on Terra Christa” now? Is there really going to be a shift as we move into 2013?

If you have even been remotely following the prophecy’s of the Mayan calendar and other esoteric teachings…that is, the real material and not the media hype, then you know that the world’s level of humanity and evolution is shifting at this very moment.  The world is not ending but shifting.  The question is: are you ready for that shift?

We talk to people everyday who believe in the shift, they can see for themselves it is happening.  They love humanity and they desire to spread love and light wherever they go.  They can’t wait for a world where there is no longer a controlled financial system, no longer a constraint on peace and prosperity for all, where they can work and live their passion and not have to do the grunt work for someone else in order to pay their bills.  They love the idea of enlightenment for all of humanity.

We do too.  But this particular huge immense and magnificent shift that is happening, is not going to deliver that way of existence to humanity…

What it is going to do is open the gateway for humanity to create that way of existence for themselves...because whether humanity is ready or not…that gateway is going to be fully open.  And with that opening comes a huge immense and magnificent shift in human consciousness.  And that global consciousness will stop supporting a controlled system of any kind. So as certain as the sun does rise, those types of systems will start to fall…

And can you imagine what that will be like?  Especially for those who are-not-prepared?  To give you a glimpse, imagine moving to a foreign country where no one speaks your language, where they do every thing different and you have to learn everything about how to live, interact and get along with them…

Starting to get the idea?

You can wait.  But why put yourself through something like that when you can be prepared.

The way-of-being of the Golden Era is indeed going to be different…but not at all what the media hype behind the date of 12/21/12 is all about…

It is going to be about consciousness initially, and then learning to live in that new consciousness.  And learning how to do that, is no small thing.

It is the expanded consciousness of what it really means to be human and walk upon Gaia.  What does it really mean?  Well, to start with… you are not just “human”. And it would serve you well to figure out just what and who you really are…to figure out the all of you that is not human.  It  would serve you well to expand your consciousness to include what you think you are not: Angelic, Intergalactic, Elemental…and so so much more, including all the former timelines of your being human.

That is why you should not wait. And we have some great seminars to assist you.  It is why we are doing this work ourselves – so we can all be prepared.

All the work we do assists you to step into the New Earth energies now.

We teach the 22 Rays of God.

We teach you about what it takes to live in a 5th Dimensional lifestyle.

We teach you how to protect yourself and your light.

We teach you how to remember your Angelic Self.

We teach you how to release and clear your timelines.

We give you countless activations, attunements and channeled energies in our weekly calls.

(And know this: – all this is our own very biased opinion…so always take your own wisdom and counsel to see what is right for you…)

But, know this too: we are confident our own very biased opinion is highly relevant to the New Earth.  (We realize our opinion is totally irrelevant to the 3D world of materialism and getting ahead financially and keeping up with the neighbors…so don’t look to us to assist you with all that…)

We suggest you check out these links below of our courses…and if you don’t sign up and start working with us…well, our strongest advisory would be – go sign up with someone!  Don’t wait.  As these energies of the shift are not going to go away, stay in another dimension, or wait for you.

Some of what we do:

The 22 Rays Challenge: receive an email course so you can learn the Rays of God on your own time.  You will get 2 Rays to work on per week for the next 90 days (for about a dollar a day) including a channeled audio MP3 and Decree for each Ray. This is an excellent start for those who are new and an excellent touch point for those already doing our courses. [Click here for more].

The Telosian Way of Being: Do you think the 5th Dimension is all about love and light, holding hands and singing songs? No so. Lord Adama, the High Priest of Telos and the Telosian Council of Light, along with the Ascended Masters and the Lady Masters want to assist you in really knowing what it takes to live as a 5th Dimensional human.  It is more than just love and light.  You have to change to get a ticket to ride this train.  Making that change in your active consciousness will greatly assist you.  Join us each week as we learn The Telosian Way of Being. [Click here for more].

Journey of the 22 Rays through Your Chakras: for those who have more time to spend (at least 90 minutes for each of 8 MP3 recordings), to learn how to incorporate the first 7 Rays of God within their own Physicality (for your 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensional bodies), this is a great course for the one who wants to be accelerated. [Click here for more].

The Kumaric Teaching of Sanat Kumara and the Holy Kumaras: By audio MP3 or live class (live calls are date dependent and will expire), this special seminar/combo series is to remember your essence walking the 7th Dimensional frequency of your existence with the Kumaras.  (Not all have this recognition of themselves, but if you resonate with Sanat Kumara, this is why).  This unique seminar also includes a private session with each of the Kumaras. [Click here for more].

The Angelic Teachings: AA Michael and Lord Metatron both offer significant elements to assist us remembering our full consciousness as Angelic Beings.  AA Michael brings us a course in remembering our Angelic Transparency, and Lord Metatron, the Keeper of our Angelic Essence, reunites us with The Metatronic Golden Seals. [Click here and here for more].

The Science of Ascension: Do you know the extensive work of Dr. Joshua David Stone? He is now a being who has transitioned to the other side of the veil and he wants to continue with his work.  Meleriesee is ordained through his organization and together we bring you their knowledge but also the frequency to activate that knowledge within you. [Click here for more].

The Protection Class: Do you know what the 4th Dimension is really all about?  Many talk about the 4th and the 5th as if they are the same, and the interchangeability of them both as being the next level of humanity.  They are not.  The 4th is not the 5th.  The 4th is a dimension of constructional architectural dimensionality that supports the very existence of the 3rd dimension.  In other words, the 3rd dimension can not exist as a construct without the 4th dimension.  And what is the 4th? The 4th is the dimension of where the veil of the 3rd gets lifted and you get to see what is “under the hood”.  That is, all the contrast and duality right in your face… Are you or were you ever afraid of the dark?  Do you know that our mythical stories and fairy tales like little red riding hood walking through the dark and foreboding forest to Grandma’s house…are not so mythical in their hidden truths? That is the 4th Dimension…and you have to go through it to get to the 5th.  This class has wonderful stories from our own pathway and offers many tools to assist you to do just that and protect your light while you do.  [Click here for more].

Our Weekly Tele-Teachings and Membership:  Perhaps one of our easiest tools to keep yourself learning and advancing along the path.  Each week we normally do 2 calls (Mondays and Wednesdays) for our members.  Each call assist in bringing you insights and re-connections to all this work, including many channeled messages, activations, attunements and guided meditations. What makes these calls unique? We don’t just bring you the elements of knowledge you are seeking to make a shift, we bring the high vibrational frequencies that make a shift in your full body system of the mental, emotional, physical and etheric bodies. (Of course, your Higher Self, and you, need to allow that to happen…as freewill governs all things on planet earth.)  Currently our members are getting The Telosian Way seminar series as part of their membership.  In 2013 we will resume learning about the Etheric Golden Cities with Lord Adama the High Priest of Telos. (The Golden Cities, by the way, all use the Rays of God in their teachings for humanity.) [Click here for more].

These are just some of the ways we are here to get you ready.  And everything we do gets us ready too, as we are all on this pathway together.  And if all that was not enough… we do personal sessions for you as well.  (Which may not be something we will always be able to offer, but for now, we still can do so.)

What are the personal sessions?  Mostly one-on-one sessions with the Ascended Masters, Lady Masters and Beings who want to impart all these esoteric teachings about Ascension and Soul Psychology to humanity.  You already know the names of many of the beings we offer sessions through, but click here to see more on how we can assist you.

Walking The 5th Dimension ~ New Seminar Series with Lord Adama and The Ascended Masters


The Telosian Way - art by Marc Eden
The Telosian Way of Being Seminar Series  — artwork by Marc Eden

Are You Ready To Walk Upon The New Earth?

 That answer for most of us is actually: “No”.  And the reason is, even though we want to believe that the New Earth will be like just walking down the yellow brick road to the land of Oz, it won’t be that simple.

Do you still get angry at your family members or co-workers?

Do you still get anxious or apprehensive about making your bill payments?

Do you find some individuals annoying or rude?

Do you have self-doubts and fears?

Well, in the 5th Dimension not only do you walk along your path without expressing all these lower frequency emotions…you have learned to not only not think about them, but to not even have them.  Fully. At All.

And we here at Walking Terra Christa. which includes the voice of Lord Adama and the Ascended Masters and Lady Masters, want you to be able to say “Yes!”

So, effective immediately the New Earth Consciousness ~ Circle of Light calls are going to change to be a teaching forum in preparation for the energies of 12-21-12, the Gateway to the New Earth. We are being asked to fully acknowledge the divinity within us in order to assist the masses of new students that will be arriving in their awakened states after that much anticipated date.

(click here to read more about this special seminar series…)

Mastering Your Light

Mastering Your LightWhat it takes to Master Light – The Journey Continues (by Mike of Mel and Mike)

The scope of my life and work has changed drastically and dramatically over the last year.  It was last year on September 6, 2011 that I left Philadelphia to drive across the country, destination known but not understood, to arrive in Mt. Shasta California.  I was not moving, not relocating; I just knew I had to finally, after many long years, take a break from my normal routine, get away from it all and see if I could renew and rejuvenate my spirit.

My normal routine as some of you may know was that of an independent business consultant by day doing marketing work, and a student and sometimes coach/teacher of all things metaphysical by night (and some weekends).  Occasionally I had even assisted in marketing and administering some channeling events with other Lightworkers  to help assist with the work of sharing the Light.  But that was hardly it…I was also spending a good year recuperating from a bad shoulder injury, am also a divorced Dad who has two boys who I took care of a few times a month and visited weekly at their home an hour’s drive away; a middle child in my own birth family who was the only one of three sons to whom the task of caring for our elderly (and very cantankerous) ailing Mother responsibly fell toward.  Caring for my Mother was partially an issue of honorability, as it did not seem right to me to have her put into a home to be cared for, and partially due to my own situation of having to live on my own and also support my children financially, as caring for my Mother in her home provided the means to make it easier to have money left over after all the monthly bills were paid.

On Thanksgiving of 2010, at 11:11 pm, my Mother passed away after having spent the last few months confined to bed with a broken hip and failing lungs.  I had been her main source of emotional and physical companionship for the prior four and a half years.  It may not seem that long a time but for me it was in many ways, a lifetime.  My Mother was ridged in her beliefs, strict in her ways and did not believe that love was show or shared by a demeanor of the kind word or an overt act of kindness.  Love was a debt one owed for what another did for you.  It was a great challenge for a Lightworker to experience, and I imagine many of you can relate.

Why? Because that is the path of a Lightworker, to not just face adversity, but to be in adversity 24/7.  It is not specifically designed to be a test of your Light, but is simply a reflection of life in the modern world and what it will take for you to remember and relearn how to Master your Light.

I could go on to delve into how the other folks in my life, my ex-wife, my close friends, my two brothers, those I worked with at the time, were also reflections of the those challenges, and how there were also occasions where they too shined the Light very brightly.  But you have all that in your own life too, as life is full of moments of contrast at either end of the spectrum.

But as many of us experience it, especially those who know they are here upon Gaia to specifically shine their own light brighter, those challenging individuals and situations can get one down, day after day, month after month and year after year.

This was finally why Spirit “set me down and had a talk”…it was time for me to regroup and take a breather. And getting away from it all, driving across a vast country that is 3000 miles wide, might just assist.  Spirit does not give me much advice.  They certainly help me readjust my perspective and usually, when it comes to choices, allow me to choose my own Destiny, but this time it strongly suggested I take a trip, get away.  This talk did not happen until had had attempted to design my life according to the way I wanted it to be after four years of taking care of my Mother. I felt that it was time for me to finally set myself up as a proper citizen of a large metropolitan city area should, and begin to settle into the lifestyle of a successful 3D person just like the nightly sitcoms and TV commercials depicted.  (I can tell you, they did not spend much digital resources on portraying the kind of life I was living before).

I had to give notice at my primary place of business and that too caused a great deal of drama, but the drama also extended to everyone in my circle, for I had never “left” them before, I was not traveling man, I was a steady and dependable presence in their lives, even if they did not appreciate me being in it so much.

So, by the first week of September last year, I had all my ducks in a row, I loaded up my van (a family van for lugging the kids around) and off I went.

When one envisions themselves traveling across the country as a single male (who had a lifestyle that permitted about 2 dates a year by the way), it is more fitting to be in a fast Mustang or some such vehicle, not a family van.  But my intentions were to be reflective and meditative, so my vehicle suited me just fine.

And it was no coincidence that this could finally happen for me, as a year before my Mom passed, I also took a big step in my own journey of accessing the Light more fully.  I had enrolled in the premier launce of the Light Master program by Steve and Barbara Rother (through the new Paths to Empowerment business). What was unique about what they were doing was that they asked for a commitment to the full year.  They felt that having one step in and out, only sampling the work here and there would be a disservice to the teachings and to the student doing the learning.  This was a big shift for me to commit to a yearlong program, and it also shifted me greatly after being in it.  Only I did not have a full understanding of just what that shift inside me was about, nor was I really conscious of it.

It wasn’t just Steve and Barbara Rother that were “hard at work” trying to get folks like me to “wake up and see the light”.  In addition to my dear channel friend Sheryl Blumenthal for whom I had marketed the events for, I had also met a gifted teacher and channel named Robert Young and his wife, (also named Barbara by the way), who did some powerful healing work on my Mom (and myself) when they were passing through Philadelphia.  And, due to my shoulder injury, I had reconnected with another great channel and healer from Southern New Jersey named Christine Meleriessee who drastically altered my life by assisting me to bring in my Higher Self more fully.  And as I said before, I was not really conscious of just how powerful and transformative any of these healers and teachers were to me – until much later, and that is typical of the pathway of becoming a Master of Your Light.

As I look back on it, why did I decide, after so many years of being responsible to my duties, of always doing the “right thing” and standing by everyone in my life, of being the faithful friend, the dutiful son, the dedicated parent, the loyal worker…, why did I choose to take a break and drive across the country?  It was not me.

But that is the point…it was no longer me.  Studying and reading about what Lightworkers do was what I did for almost 20 years, doing Lightwork as a formal course of study only happened when I stepped up and took the Light Master year long course.  It was a financial and time and duration commitment.  But it was all about doing Lightwork on myself.  And that is why the doorways opened more for me to allow other teachers and healers to really assist also.

I took the trip.  I drove.

And I was not planning on leaving The Philly metro area where my family, friends and livelihood were all located; I was not planning on moving.  Or should I say, the old me, the one I was no longer, was not planning on it.

As I neared the state line between Pennsylvania and Ohio I felt very strange.  I had a very distinct physical awareness as if I was not just a guy in a car driving along a highway, but a tree who wanted to move and did just that, such that it was uprooting its roots after decades and decades to move…just like those trees in the movie Lord of the Rings…big roots, not easily dislodged.

All of a sudden I felt like I could breathe deeper.  Something very heavy had left me and I could not explain or put into words what it was.  But I felt it just the same.

I traveled to see some family and friends along my journey, each one assisting me greatly in seeing and understanding facets about my life.  Each gave me gifts of spirit that they cannot even comprehend, as I did not comprehend it at the time either.  It was as if I was given the time to reflect and review my life through their eyes, as we discussed what I had done before and how long I had been doing it.

You know you can’t really see your own life fully when you are in it.  It really is a case of only seeing the trees and not the forest.  And that is just how it is.  We like the trees, we like the view.  Not always because we literally “like it” necessarily, but because we are used to it, we understand it, we know it.  Our roots go deep and so do the roots of those trees near us.  Nobody wants to uproot their roots. They spend too much time and energy, emotionally and socially digging them in.

And when you can only see the staid old oak trees all around you, you might not even know some very tall splendid pine trees are just around the corner, or perhaps 3000 miles away.  And you might not know that you are not really a very good oak tree, but that yo are an amazing pine tree.

This was in a manner of speaking what happened to me.  I discovered myself again, and I was really much less a part of the energies of the world I was in than I ever knew.  And that world was not just the particular characteristics of the city I lived near and the people who inhabited it, no, it was not simply about geography…that world was the world of “being dimmed”, of being not the Light that I was.  It was the choice I made to go the extra step, to really commit to being a Lightworker by learning how to Master the Light as Steve Rother put it, that shifted everything for me.  Without that commitment I would have continued on, leaving my roots just where they comfortably (as uncomfortable as that was), were.

I now not only walk in my light, I focus entirely on expanding my light as I walk the talk fully.  I don’t do business consulting for others anymore.  I work full time on my own Lightworker business along with my new business partner and new life mate, Christine Meleriessee, who had moved from New Jersey to Mt. Shasta just months before I took a trip across the county.  Turned out, she is my Divine Twin Ray and both of us never had a clue…but that is, again, the point.  You can’t know what is in store for you until you really commit to stepping up.

What can happen when you do?  Everything.  I am now incredibly joyful about my life.  True, my children and all those from back where I grew up, don’t like it, think I have abandoned them, forsaken them…and many of them have anger and frustration with what I did.  After all, trees should stay put shouldn’t they?

Now I assist other Lightworkers (even those who don’t think they are) to delve deeper, to go the extra step into what really works.  I was also a student and teacher in philosophy, psychology and the personal development movement…and I can tell you that there may be a reason why all those ways of addressing your life are not really working for you the way the teachers of those movements depict that their teachings should…it is because you are not here on Gaia to fully partake of the world of success in the 3D, of “having all you want”, of being the master of your life”…because you are here to be a Lightworker.  And that journey…is not what you ever thought it was.

It takes a lot of work.

It takes a lot of work on you.

It takes commitment to accepting into yourself that you are not “maybe” but “are”, a much more expansive being than you ever thought you were.  A being that is immensely confident, knows fully who they are, and why they are here on this planet at this particular juncture in time.  It does not mean you get past all the challenges of being human, it means you know inside that you will.

I have learned so much more in the last year and I now pass it onto you in my work with Meleriessee.  So I do invite you to take a page from my book…learning literally about Lightwork, that is, learning to command light is what will take you to the next level of your human existence like nothing else out there can do.

Why? Because what Steve and Barbara were asked to do by the group, was teach humans the next step in their evolution.  You have all heard you are a being of light, a Light Being.  You have heard that all matter is simply a frequency of light, that sound is a frequency of light…well we, as humans now have to learn to feel those frequencies and call them up in our consciousness.  This is step one to walking the pathway into the New Earth, into the 12/21/12 prophesied about…it is very important we learn to Master Light.  It is what the Ascended Masters all did and it was called Ascension Science.  Meleriessee has upped the game with the light work of using the 22 Rays (which no one else is doing by the way…(yet at least…).

For myself, I am working to get out as many programs as possible as Spirit wants humans to get assistance from them.  All of our work includes channeling from the Spiritual Hierarchy without exception. We now have an Email Seminar Course in Ascension Science that is simple and easy that we just put together on how to Master Light using the 22 Rays, as in light rays before 12/21/12.

I discovered that there is a great deal about Ascension Science and Soul Psychology that I never knew…and it turns out it is really important to know these things.  I stepped up and it really assisted me.  It is what really enabled me to Master my Light.  Below are the links you can check out:

Take The 22 Rays Challenge! = our Email Seminar that you do on your own time with teachings and MP3’s delivered via email each week for 12 weeks (90 days)at just a dollar a day.

Integrate the 22 Rays in your Chakras = our in-depth 9-week Seminar now on MP3 audio with handouts, each of the 9 classes is 90 minutes of audio.  For those who what deeper understandings and channelings in the 22 Rays and how to use them.

Plus, for those looking for Ascension Teachings, we are launching a new course, The Science of Ascension, and for those who want a great understanding of what living in a 5D reality requires, stay tuned for our new The Telosian Way of Being weekly seminar series.

And, don’t forget — tomorrow is our tele-call to celebrate the Equinox!!


Clarion Temple of Oneness ~ Healing All Universal Souls in Body and Beyond

Hearts Within Hearts for Oneness

The Clarion Temple of Oneness

September 11th, 2012 marks the anniversary of the most controversial tragedy that rocked our world and was the catalyzer that would start the most powerful temple in the history of the cosmic universe.  The Clarion Temple of Oneness was started shortly after the Twin Tower tragedy to assist souls in and out of body to heal their emotional and mental wounds.  The original name was the Clarion Temple of 911.  It started out to help the souls of 911 but then escalated to heal every soul that chose to walk through the doorways of love, and compassion that would create the most powerful light within one’s Being and feel the oneness of being with many other souls of light.

Since the temple started with the special beings from 9-1-1 we want to take an opportunity this week to honor the souls that first joined with us in a small gathering to assist all souls healing of many levels.  On Monday evening, September 10th, our weekly gathering of THE CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS will have a very special ceremony commemorating the healing that has taken place within the temple for the last decade since March 2002.  THIS WILL BE AN OPEN CALL AVAILABLE TO ALL INDIVIDUALS THAT CHOOSE TO JOIN US LIVE.

In addition we will be honoring a special guest this week, MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN, who transitioned into the light on September 3, 2012.  Michael was a beautiful soul and actor who played in the movie, The Green Mile.  We have had a very personal experience with Michael’s essence in the last week and he is ecstatic about joining the temple on Monday evening.

Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Mike Hayden are the torch bearers to hold steady the light for the temple upon the Earthplane.  Meleriessee was instrumental in starting the weekly meditation group on the advice of Archangel Michael.  Our spokes-being, Fred, a fire chief battalion has recently ascended into his higher self, Yamatleus, who now greets everyone coming into the temple instead of introducing the guest speaker of each week.  The temple resides within the Multi-Universal level and all souls are invited to join in not only weekly but every moment as it houses many Beings on all levels of creation.  There is one prerequisite before entering:  no one is allowed to have any lower vibrations of anger, frustration, greed, jealousy, or doubt.  What is required is an open heart as we all blend within the Hearts of all Hearts.

Join us at 5 PM Pacific, 8 PM Eastern for a very powerful hour.  This call also includes the energies of Divine Mother and Father God with an attunement frequency.  Heart to Heart donations are always welcome for those that are not part of our monthly subscribers.

TELECONFERENCE NUMBER:  530.881-1400, CODE 148525#

On FACEBOOK? Let us know you are planning to attend at

SKYPE USERS:  YOU MAY USE THE CONFERENCE LINE TO CALL IN FROM YOUR DIAL PAD ON SKYPE.  For special instructions please see our link on Walking Terra Christa, under  Scroll down to the middle of the page to see the guidelines for SKYPE TO SKYPE CALLS.

We hope you will join us for this amazing call.

In expressions of Oneness,

Mel and Mike


Note that starting this week we are going to be having SOME SPECIAL MASTERY CLASS SEMINARS:The Kumaric Seven Rays of God with Sanat Kumara and the Holy Kumaras

  • Thursday July 12 at 11:30 AM PDT – A SPECIAL MASTERY CLASS WITH SANAT KUMARA This call will bring an attunement and an introduction to a our very timely 6-month Seminar Series where the Seven Holy Kumaras will guide us through the Venutian School of the First Seven Rays. prior to the 12-12-12.  Not to be missed!
  • Thursday July 26th at 11:30 AM PDT ~ “G.R.A.C.E” – ACCESSING YOUR ANGELIC SELF WITH ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.  This class will attune you to your Angelic Presence in a way that has never before been able to be accessed upon Gaia. Click here to sign up.

July Fourth ~ Freedom Within ~ MASTER KUTHUMI

Accessing Freedom Within ~ July 4th, 2012 ~ MASTER KUTHUMI
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Fourth of July

Freedom for Gaia


All Her Inhabitants

Fourth of July is the celebration of the United States when it was freed into its own liberation by the Founding Fathers.  During this time people around the country celebrate by having parades, fireworks, gatherings for a summer day in expression of life and the pursuit of happiness.

We believe that this freedom should not just be celebrated by the United States of America but every living being upon this planet around the world.  We are in the year of 2012 which represents a new way of existence for many of us; others that are not feeling this essence are still struggling within their lives both personally and globally.  As we are within a golden pathway, it is a perfect opportunity to celebrate our existence of our souls fully expressing our Divine Right as human beings to live in freedom from tyranny of any kind.  What the unawakened ones do not realize is that they are the maker of their own destiny.  Those that have arisen to new heights within themselves, feel the beauty of these moments of awakening.

We celebrate with each of you that have been on this pathway with us by sharing our hearts, love, and divine pleasure to experience life as it should be, in the Oneness that We Are.  We are all changing greatly in each moment and within these transitions it can be a challenge.  Without each of you supporting and connecting with us, Mel and Mike, we would not be able to do the work so deeply.

So our teachings will be getting deeper and deeper as we are being asked by the Masters to be the Masters that we have been trained to be.  The forefathers were walking in Mastery and today most of them walk with us which is very exciting.  So we are celebrating Independence Day for each of us, awakened upon the pathway of Light, within our own Beings.  Then the true Independence of All will occur.

We have some special sessions lined up for the summer which include continuing the Metatron Seals which help an individual to understand their chosen pathways and open up their “Missing Puzzle Pieces” into wholeness.  If you had your first session, we suggest that you continue with Sessions 2 and 3; and if you have not tried it, please do so as it will change the way you are existing and working within your world.  Sanat Kumara is also offering a six-month program in which individuals will learn about their roles in Venus and how to activate the teachings into which they are Now by learning about the Kumaras and the Rays of God that they utilized.  It is an extension of what we already know.  We will also be sharing information of how to access your Angelic Self through a process called GRACE with Archangel Michael as it is now to fully remember our Angelic Self.

In addition we are hosting a wonderful retreat for the Torch Bearers that want to fully move into their power.  In addition, Lord Adama is asking lightworkers to step up and be initiated as Telosian/New Earth Ambassadors in which each person will be assigned to work in a certain geographic area and be in training to be a Leader of the New Earth, Terra Christa.  PLEASE CONTACT US TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE IN THIS AMAZING WEEKEND OF ACCELERATION IN AUGUST.


Is there special information that you would like to learn more about?  Please let us know as the list is very long and we would love to hear your opinion.  Send us an email with your comments at Mel and Mike @ Walking Terra Christa dot com.

We are very excited about the upcoming energies and they are going to increase each moment.

This week is also a Full Moon on July 3rd at 2:52 PM EDT, 19:52 UTC in the sign of Capricorn which is also being called The Thunder Moon.  It represents the Sun of Cancer and the Moon of Capricorn at the same time which for each of us mean there needs to be a balance between home and profession.  Emotions can run high as they do within the sign of Cancer but it is when elements are totally going to break apart representing the Thunder Moon.  This is when the Thunderbeings will be working through us more directly than ever before to align us into our full potential.  We are conducting a full moon ceremony during our Clarion Temple of Oneness call which will be available for MP3 download on

We wish everyone to feel the freedom in their hearts and minds as we celebrate our connection to the ONE that We Are.


Blessings in Love & Light,

I AM Meleriessee at your serivce

and I AM Mike at your service,





Dearest Ones,

This week is going to be very powerful to assist even further with the Divine Union of Your Spirit within your Soul’s Essence.  I Am Master Kuthumi at your service.

I bring forth to everyone the Ray of Love of Wisdom of the Golden Yellow as it surfaces deeply within your Crown area to fully help you remember the essence that you Are.  Each of you have been activating and attuning yourselves to the essence of your physical existence.  The planetary alignments of the Eclipses, the Venus Transit and the Solstice are beyond what any of us could hope that would align the planet and her inhabitants in a completely different way than ever imagined.  But here it is…

I come to you on this day before the full moon to help you acknowledge that there is still more to come.  Some may believe that they have hit the highest of the highest and their energies cannot go any higher because the frequencies within the body are vibrating like a strong volcano that just erupted.  Well, that is the size of it and it is going to erupt further and further.  It depends on your stability within the body and the actions that you take to assist yourself.

Each of you that is reading this message is on the pathway of Mastery but it is only the beginning of your discovery of whom you truly are.  There is so much more for you, for me, and all of us within the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light.  You are awakening to these aspects within you to help you focus even further on the goal at hand.  Yes, it will get stronger and deeper with each spin of the cosmic wheel of fortune.  I do say fortune.  Don’t you feel fortunate to be able to bring forth these elements within your physical existence and when you have those feelings, that is when miracles will truly happen. But it is all in the Divine Plane to fully embody within you, to go through the challenges and frustrations, and then have the moments of happiness and joy.  The cycle continues and continues as you are fully allowing yourself to be that multi-dimensional self.  This is why your body is reacting, lack of sleep, too much sleep, wanting to eat, not exercising, or exercising too much.  The flow of frequencies that are coming into the planet right now are those spins of the hurricane within you.  When you fully get to the eye of the storm and hold that essence, then you will start to balance yourself out.  But watch out, it is coming again and again and again.

Each of you chose this time of awakening to be here to hold the Light first within you and then assisting others.  Many have left because they have been unable to fully accept it within their vehicle but yet others have done so.  Now what happens with these energies is that it is going to affect you in your four body system individually.  Healing through the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, and Mental so that the spiritual body can be fully infused within you, and it is a process which takes diligence on your part.  Just thinking you are at a certain level does not mean that it is so as the mind can play tricks on you.

The power that is being infused within the earth at this time is beyond any of our ability to comprehend what is occurring.  But the one thing that each of us must do is take a moment and be real to yourself.  There are many that are living in a dream world of expression and that their reality is everyone’s reality.  Not so…this causes the lower ego to stay intact and you may have blended the physical ego with the higher ego or so you thought.  As you clear into each timeline of your creation, your multi-dimensional self, those elements must be acknowledged and cleared in order to be fully integrated.

Mastery upon this Earth is not like it was before.  You could acquire the 5th level of initiation and have a clear ego, leave the planet and then continue with your work.  You can also have a falsehood of information coming to you that you are clearer than you truly are.  It takes great diligence and training on an everyday basis within the physical realm to fully be clear of the ego.  Then there are those that truly do not acknowledge their higher ego because it has gotten away from them previously.  But in truth that was not higher ego, it was lower ego acting highly.

So how do we stay within the balance that is necessary; by constantly working within through your tools on a daily basis and not always with others?  If you do not take time for yourself, whether it be five minutes or 50 minutes, then you are slipping into a passageway of allowing the lower ego to enter within you.  Once you attain these factors within your daily life, the lower ego cannot stay intact.  You will find those that are boasting about their accomplishments, talking about their initiations, is only a reflection of the ego wanting to compete with others.  This is a personal experience and if one talks too much in this way of thinking, then it causes energies to result either from the self or outside the self to continue upon this passageway.  There are many lightworkers that are still doing this and causing problems for others because it is creating energy of warriorship, not lightship.  It is a very deep problem that needs to be rectified by each individual.

It is time that everyone fully looks in the mirror that they are illuminating to the world.  Do you want to run by example of lightship or do you want to charge ahead by shouting loudly in proclamation of what you have achieved.  Great men have achieved great things; warriors fall down in battle because that is what they do, fight to the very end.  Would you like to stand amongst the many in the light?  This is the choice every individual needs to make at this time because many are falling, many are shouting, and many are living by example.

Each of you is being tested at this time to fully be in this power of Mastery.  It is part of the mastery program to always be looking within, testing yourself to see if who you are is what you want to be.  I state these words because it is a very powerful year and many will not make it.  It is essential to constantly have stability within your pathway.  You cannot achieve what you need on the physical realm to do so.  Everyone is being tested because only the ones that can walk as a Master in truth, beauty, wisdom, love, and expression of all of these will be accepted into the leadership roles on the New Earth.  2012 is your testing ground and the way to test is to fully look within as you will mirror it around you 10-fold.  This is part of the process that each of you is going through on a moment-by-moment basis.

So as we walk into this full moon representing the Thunder Beings, allow them to assist you.  Look at your faculties within you, what you do during your day to assist yourself, raising your vibration, eating the food that will assist you in the process, moving the body and fully exercising your right to walk as a Master unto the New Earth.  Those that are not fully awakened will not be the Masters but will learn from each of you.  We are fully activating the New Earth Golden Cities to help in this process which are still within the Etheric Earth and will be for quite some time.  It does not mean you cannot access them.  They are ready for you to do so.

Mastery is the representation of learning the lessons of discernment, trust, faith, love, and expressing your Divine Will unto others.  It is not about screaming what needs to be changed, but make the change within and it will move to others.

I AM Master Kuthumi and wish to acknowledge each of you that are awakened unto this pathway of Leadership.  It is important as a master that we take a moment and fully see what is within us because we can be swayed very easily one way or the other.  Many have done so before you; it is your time to shine and fully be in your Power of Wisdom and sometimes it is in silence, sometimes it is in strength, and sometimes it is expressing this wisdom through massive words of love and power.  Once you look within you will see what I mean.  I see each of you in this moment and know that you are capable of all of these things and more.

It is a pleasure to walk and experience the beauty of an awakened leader.

I AM Master Kuthumi at your service.



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Need extra time planning for the trip?  Reserve your spot without any obligation until you are ready to commit.  We would like to get an idea of how many are attending.  We look forward to meeting you.

An extended part of the retreat will be the availability to enter into a Telosian/Lemurian Ambassador Program.

Lord Adama has asked us to present this program to individuals who are interested to be considered for this 5-level certification program.  Level 1 will be presented on Sunday evening after the retreat.  You do need to attend the retreat to enter the program.  This is a volunteer program and you are not required to take the Initiation if you feel it is not right for you.  To find out the details, please see our website page, TELOSIAN AMBASSADOR CERTIFICATION.


  • The Clarion Temple of Oneness Call ~ July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
  • New Earth Consciousness ~ Circle of Light with Lord Adama, Guide to the New Earth Golden Cities ~ Wed, July 11, 18, 25
  • Thurs, July 12th ~ Sanat Kumara Shares the Venusian Teachings, Working with the 7 Kuarmas, and Accessing Individual Teachings-Pre-requisite to the Kumara Teachings of Light
  • Thurs, July 26th ~ Accessing Your Angelic Self from the 144th Dimensional Reality~ Learning the GRACE Process with Archangel Michael

Please note that the two classes we are offering will be up on the website this week.  Check out Ascension Classes.

The next full moon will be on Wednesday, August 1st in place of the New Earth Consciousness call.

We are still in the process of updating the blog pages for Cosmic Oneness,  The Clarion Temple of Oneness, and the New Earth Consciousness ~ Circle of Light.  Thank you for your patience.

Please note that the Cosmic Oneness site will continue to have written transcriptions as soon as we have updated all the previous transcripts.

If you are unable to pay for the addtional classes or calls, we do need assistance in administrative tasks.  Please contact us for additional information.


Special Ascension Mastery Class Seminar Series

Now in MP3 format:

A 9-Week Online Ascension Seminar now available for download.  In this course learn to expand each of the chakras accessing the lost elements and integrating the 22 Rays of God associated with the specific chakra on each of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensional levels.



and the Metatronic Seals

Lord Metatron is assisting all those who feel the pull of the Metatronic Angelic Hosts that they once were. These seals represent our Golden Solar Angelic Bodies.  Specialized personal sessions that are unique to each individual are now available. This will assist the anchoring of the Golden Era upon the Earth and your own Acceleration toward Becoming Your Divine Self.  These sesssions are done in segments of three or more so it is imperative to continue receiving the higher Seals. Click here to read more.



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Group Tele-Call Integrating the OM WAVE Frequency

Solstice OM WAVE Tele-Call June 20, 2012On Wednesday, June 20th, the Summer Solstice will occur at 23:09 UTC/GMT.  This year is an unprecedented event as the Atlantean Crystal housed within Telos, Leumuria will ignite its frequency.  This represents the essence of Atlantis and Lemuria coming fully into balance upon this planet. We, of both races, will move into a deeper level of our consciousness as old timelines will be removed that we no longer need and ones that we desire will be created within our physical existence.  We are becoming multi-dimensional beings of light and this event is our birthing into ONENESS as it has never before been experienced. Join us for a special call via telephone and Skype-to-Skype at 5 PM Pacific, just one hour after the solstice will be initiated to receive assistance for integrating these energies and finding the balance to accept your full divinity.  Mike and Mel are located in Mt. Shasta so the frequencies of light will fully be activated physically via the call. Our guest speakers will be St. Germain speaking for the Atlantean race, Lord Adama for the Lemurians, and Lord Metatron helping us to access the 144th dimensional frequencies of the Unified Whole. Included will be a meditation, activations, high vibrational energies and helping individuals to access the next step of our initiation process.  This process can be challenging but with the assistance of these great masters we will be able to finally accept our divine essence, knowledge’s, gifts, and honor thyself through the process. We will also call upon Gaia and work with the Native energies to fully ground these frequencies while assisting humanity to receive the balance of the feminine and masculine divine. Duration:  2 Hours This call is our gift to each of you.  Donations are welcome to assist us in providing these planetary activation calls. Please click here for Paypal.

To get on the call; It is at 5 PM Pacific, 8 PM Eastern, 24:00 UTC/GMT
DIAL: 712.432.0900, 856350#

(( On Facebook?  Let us know you are attending! Click this link! ))

SKYPE USERS TO ACCESS VIA A SKYPE-TO-SKYPE CALL: Note: a Skype-to-Skype call does NOT use the Skype subscription service. In a Skype-to-Skype call, you use the internet only and you DO NOT make a phone call using the internet as you do with the Skype subscription service.  In other words, you DO NOT need a Skype subscription that cost you money to connect according to the following directions: ADD US BY PUTTING THE CONFERENCE PHONE NUMBER INTO THE “ADD CONTACT/FULL NAME FIELD” AND HIT THE SEARCH BUTTON.  SELECT THE CONFERENCE PHONE NUMBER “freeconferencing.7124320900″ FROM THE LIST TO ADD AS A NEW CONTACT.  THEN, GO TO YOUR CONTACTS, SELECT THE NEW CONTACT: freeconferencing.7124320900 THEN SELECT “CALL”. AFTER THE CALL CONNECTS, YOU MUST USE THE SKYPE DIAL PAD FUNCTION TO KEY IN THE ACCESS CODE.  Note: if you do already have a Skype subscription, use the down arrow key to the immediate right of the CALL BUTTON, and make sure you are calling using the “SKYPE” item, and not the “CALL MOBILE” item. ALSO NOTE: for some reason the Skype dial-pad may not work on some computers using newer versions of Skype.  You will need to install the older version. Go to to download version from Aug. 2011 and hit “yes” when advised to install an older version of Skype.  

This Memorial Day ~ Healing for All Souls & Changes in the Temple!

Clarion Temple of Oneness - Healing for All Universal Light Beings in Body & Beyond

Archangel Michael Asks
It was over a decade ago that Christine Meleriessee answered the call from Archangel Michael to join Heaven and Earth within the messages of the Clarion Temple of 911. This was a powerful connection desired by the souls of the 911 event to assist and thank humanity for all their prayers of love, compassion and healing expressed for them and their loved ones. The event of that day in 2001 was the first time in humanities history that humans all across the globe began to consciously be joined en mass — together in unity — for a common cause of the heart.

It then came to be called the Clarion Light Beings Temple of 911 & Beyond ~ Unified in Oneness and has grown to change the destiny of millions of souls, both those of whom recently walked upon planet EARTH, and many more from the entire MULTI-UNIVERSE of ALL THAT IS.

The Temple now came to represent all the Beings of Light who are eternally committed to answering the call; the Clarion Call of all who seek spiritual aid as the spiritual numbers of 9-1-1 represent “nine”, the movement of God combined with “One”, the Unity of All That Is in relation to the “one”, the individual who is seeking aid from the Spiritual Realm.  All participants who joined in on the weekly calls, as human representatives, now became the vehicles for in depth healing and accelerations within themselves, enjoying the high frequency attunements and meditations that were also being experienced by All The Light Beings.

More Changes
Now there are even more changes to bring us all into Healing & Wholeness within the Temple.

We have come to a juncture of time for each of us and in the pathway that we are embarking upon.  Changes occur and we need to flow with those elements of the passage of time.  Today is one such day as The Clarion Temple of 911 & Beyond ~ Unified in Oneness is moving into a new frequency of Light.

Since the transference of the Sunday night Cosmic Oneness call just two short weeks ago, Meleriessee personally knew there were going to be more changes.  Lord Sananda along with Divine Mother and Father God announced to Mike Hayden and Mel that they wanted to let go of the Cosmic Oneness call to assist them due to more projects coming up, and they also decided that this energy should be integrated into the Clarion Light Beings 911 & Beyond call.  As Meleriessee states, “It was with a shift in my consciousness that I needed to fully embrace this change but yet, Lord Sananda, explained that we had all been discussing this possible adjustment for a few weeks on the Inner Plane.  I accepted that this needed to be done for many reasons.”

In addition to the releasement of the Cosmic Oneness call, the Cosmic Great Central Sun would now move to overlight the energies within the Clarion Temple of 911 call. (A few months ago Mel and Mike had asked the Unified Whole to fully put the Temple into wholeness of the 144th dimension so this was an added element.)  On that first combined call, Divine Mother and Father God brought forth their energies in a beginning overture.  Meleriessee’s dearest friend and colleague, Fred, who has been the Spokes-Being of the Temple since the beginning still provided an introduction.  But yet, in that moment, she knew that there would be a change.

Those of you who do not know the story of how the Temple of 911 was started, Christine Meleriessee experienced a Sweat Lodge one month after the 911 Tragedy in Long Island, New York.  The energies were quite intense and she was doing heavy shamanic work while in the Lodge.  She recalls, “As I got up for the 3rd round, I fell into the rocks and burned my shin in the shape of a “heart”.  It was on this day I was introduced to Fred, who was a Fire Battalion Chief in New York City.  The story is very long and involved so I refer to our blog on the Clarion Light Beings 911 & Beyond About page,  It will help an individual to understand the depth of this work that Fred and I were destined to create together.”

A Dear Friend Indeed
Fred not only was the Spokes-Being but a true friend in Spirit.  When Meleriessee traveled to Mt. Shasta, he would come through her and speak to the other people she was with.  He loved being in the car and seeing the scenery as he joked about his beautiful but quiet life living in New York City.  He has since been introduced to all her friends and has become a close friend to Mike in the process.  Christine Meleriesse goes on to speak about her multidimensional friend, “We have had many laughs together and watching him grow has been a beautiful joy for me to see.  When he first communicated to us through my channeling, he had no idea what level of dimension he was residing in or what that word even meant.  He would come and tell us where he was with the excitement of a young man moving into a powerful job.  He has communicated how many Beings were now coming to the Temple of 911 and how wonderful it was to see the healing that has resulted from this amazing meditation group.  I consider him a soul of great love and understanding even though we never met in body.”

As in all good things that occur, individuals are healed and must move forward whether they are in or out of body.  Mel had this same occurrence with her Gatekeeper, Robert, about 15 years ago when he said he would no longer be “Robert” but “Solebterium”.  He was still her Gatekeeper and watcher of all who come to her in Spirit, but he had merged with his Higher Self due to the work that he and Mel were doing together.

With regards to Fred’s own acceleration, Mel says, “Again, I now must accept the fact that this amazing meditation group is changing and molding into another higher aspect.  With the integration of the Cosmic frequencies within the group, I knew it was time to accept this adjustment but not without a sadness.  Fred, is now merging with his Higher Self who turns out to be a very important figure in our past history of this Earth.  He is also integrating with some of his other aspects, one which is a Pleidian, along with others we are unsure of.  I choose not to reveal his historical name as yet as we plan to honor Fred in our next Clarion Temple call which will be on June 11, 2012.”

Join In Each Week for Healing
With this merging of Higher Essence Aspects for Fred, he will no longer be introducing the energies for the meditation as he has done so for many years.  Divine Mother and Father God will bring forth the introduction through an attunement and clarification of the energies for the evening.  It is not without sadness that Meleriessee accepts this change, but Fred is graduating and he fully would not have been able to go as far without this amazing Temple of Light.

Mel concludes, “So I am excited and sad at the same time, but he tells us that he will be speaking within the Temple soon along with still being on the Council with Archangel Michael, Divine Mother & Father God, the Unified Whole, along with Mike and myself. The temple has been changing for many months with the guest Light Beings sharing amazing energies and attunements each week.  This is going to help us all grow and invite more people to be part of these amazing energies.  Many souls have healed through this group and I want to thank everyone who has diligently supported this effort along with allowing your Higher Essence to provide healing and joy to many other souls.  It is truly our group together.”

All are invited to join in the now newly renamed Clarion Temple of Oneness ~ Healing for All Universal Light Beings in Body & Beyond on Monday evenings, 5 PM Pacific or 8 PM Eastern, 24:00 GMT.  The call is accessible via phone or Skype.  Please see the website for details on joining the weekly Tele-Calls and also on receiving special channeled messages in the newsletter.  In addition Mel and Mike are in the processing of updating the transcriptions on the original blog site: (

In Loving Expressions of Oneness,
Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden
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